Anonymous Asked:Hi miss! I'm a fan of yours but I just wanted to ask, why do you post on the Haven? Do you own recasts? I won't judge, just wanting to know.

Thank you for liking my dolls! :D
No, I don’t own any recasts, I just like the community. I met my best dolly friends there so~ ^-^ I don’t necessarily agree with the whole recast buying but they’re such lovely people so I sort of just look past it. *shrug*

Ahhhh I can’t get used to playing Smash Bros on a small screen ;A; 
I can’t tell what’s going on… I should have gotten a 3DS XL :V

literally same all of my friends are pregnant too and im like …….I’m just gonna sit here and play with dolls in my mom’s house LMAO

LMAO! Each to their own I guess… We’ll just have a dolly tea party instead. ouo <3